Funny OL Lines

Funny OL Lines

SBD_Crowingo> Dude fags get laid all da time

BaD_DonMaximo> Forget its useless talkin to someone who has less vocabulary then a blank tape

BaD_DonMaximo> Crow probably laughs with his hand in front of his mouth

BaD_DonMaximo> WAW_OpenFrom925

BaD_Zer0_Talent> <---- Isnt overweight, just under supposed to be 7'11" for this weight. :(

BaD_Zer0_Talent> "Once you go white, you'll never be right"

BaD_Zer0_Talent> Wow, 1 blink and i am dismissed like a leaf in a windstorm, never to be seen again *sigh*

BaD_CeRBeRuS__> If i was BIG and Tough, I would come over there and KICK ure ASS. But seems im not, Ill just DISS U over the NET !! :P